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Proper Bowling Approach

Manuel Marquez MD

Manuel Marquez, an MD who also works as a travel director and tour guide in California, enjoys bowling when not busy with work. Bowlers like Manuel Marquez must master their approach to get the most out of every shot.

Most bowlers use a four-step or five-step approach, and beginners find it easy to pick up the four-step approach. Learning this approach encourages a clean approach to the foul line and a solid swing.

Bowlers should start by stepping forward with the same foot as they hold the bowling ball in, and finish with the opposite hand. During these steps, they should swing their arm back, then forward, like the pendulum in a grandfather clock. The movement should be perfectly straight and feel natural.
During the first step bowlers extend their arms and point the ball toward the lane. By the end of the second step, the ball should be swinging backward, and about at the leg. During the third step, the ball should reach its apex behind the bowler, and the arm should again be totally straight. The fourth and final step should signal the forward swing, and have a slight slide to it, readying the body for the moment of release.

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